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About ConservativeShirts.com

     Conservativeshirts.com is a production of the Arizona Cap Company, a custom screenprinting and embroidery company headquartered in Prescott, Arizona.  If you have a need for custom printed or embroidered shirts and caps for your business, event, or group please visit us at www.arizonacap.com We also source non-wearable promotion printed items and gifts for our clients.

     When we are not producing custom goods for you favorite senator, PAC, or your local pizza joint we're busy dreaming up new designs to tweak the liberals. Beginning with our patriot quote t-shirts in the late 90's Conservativeshirts.com has produced a steady stream of new conservative political shirts designs. There are lots of knockoff but with conservativeshirts.com you know your getting a  high quality product from a company dedicated to your satisfaction. In the last few years dozens of online t-shirts sites have popped. Some sell creative new designs and some knock off the established designs from companies like ours but the worst part is that most of those "shirt companies" don't produce their own shirts. They are hosting designs with online printers like Cafe Press. So why we do think you should buy from a real t-shirt company? First and foremost is quality. Our shirts are printed using the best equipment and blanks shirts available. Our designs are made with printing and embroidery in mind and not just slapped on a t-shirt with a heat press. Perhaps more importantly when you buy from a CafePress vendor the bulk of the profit goes to Cafe Press, a far left company founded by Bay Area liberals. A recent search of Cafepress  found the following results- Search Phrase: “Anti-Christian” - 753 Results “Hate Bush” - 460 Results “Anti-War” - 6447 Results “F**k Republicans” - 197 Results. No matter how great a conservative design may be we just wouldn't want to deal with that kind of company. People often ask us "You have a conservativeshirts.com - do you sell liberal shirts too?" The answer is no. We have to sleep at night and there are just some things you don't do for money. Besides, it's a lot harder to sell t-shirts to people who don't have jobs and are still wearing the same clothes they had on at Woodstock. Just smell an anti-war protester sometime and you'll know why clean clothing and hygiene products would be a tough sell to liberals.
     We enjoy all of the humor t-shirts and novelty items we sell but we're also proud of the hard hitting messages some of our designs carry. A t-shirt is a powerful marketing medium. Over the life of the average t-shirt its message will be viewed 2-5000 times. That's why we think it's important that the ideas of our founding fathers, basic economic principles, and statements of moral fact need to be on everywhere on t-shirts.
     Your comments and ideas are always welcome. Please help us keep Conservativeshirts.com  the #1 political shirt company in America.

Stacy Stine
Arizona Cap Company



Digital Garment Printers like the one shown in this photo are used to produce many our t-shirts and sweatshirts. The DTG print uses cutting edge technology to apply the image directly to the shirt without the use of traditional screenprinting screens and films. This method allows for a greater use of color and more detail than is available with traditional screenprinting.
For simpler high production designs we still use traditional screenprinting presses.

Embroidered item are produced on Tajima computerized embroidery machines. Custom embroidery for your own businesses and
groups is also available.