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     We welcome your comments and suggestions. If you have an idea for a great shirt and want to see us produce it drop us line. If we use your design you can get a dozen free t-shirts. If you are a conservative cartoonist or caricature artist and want to sell your work for t-shirts send us a sample.
     We love photos from our customers. Send us a picture of you wearing your conservative shirt.

Hate Mail

If you are a Kool-Aid drinking moonbat liberal or a college professor please send your hate mail to someone who gives a damn. If you think George Bush, Halliburton and the Jewish conspiracy at Fox News blew up the World Trade Center save your comments for the Noam Chomsky essay contest.
The next time you hear the media tell you how liberals are more tolerant and protect free speech remember these choice quotes from our hatemail collection:
I hope you F***in die.  --- I hope your children get burned alive ---
You fascist motherf***ers should be burned out of business.

ahhhhh liberal tolerance.